School Vision

Holistic Education towards good citizenship.

School Mission

We at the R.L.S.S. are committed to creating a school that is student centred where through the practice of collaboration we will focus on promoting in students an interest in learning. We will address their special needs while they experience the joy of learning to learn. We will provide opportunities for students to develop a strong sense of self, family and community and facilitate a core set of spiritual and moral values that will allow them to progress beyond the confines of their environment.


The Russell Latapy Secondary School started as the Port of Spain Model School in September 2000 in response to the Ministry of Education’s thrust towards Universal Secondary Education. The majority of students assigned to the institution come from a variety of socio-economic backgrounds and display very diverse academic ability. All the students placed at the school, however, have been those who would have scored thirty percent and under in the Secondary Entrance Assessment Examination. Presently, two hundred and fifty seven students are enrolled at our school and are placed in classes based on their performance in diagnostic tests. Generally, students spend five years at our school. In year one, students are exposed to the revised curriculum where the main focus is on literacy and numeracy. At the end of the year two, students are entered for the Primary School Leaving examination and the unsuccessful ones are allowed to repeat this examination in year three. At the end of year three students are entered for the NCSE Examinations Level One. Those who proceed to Form Four are entered either for four CXC subjects and one CVQ subject or three CXC subjects and two CVQ subjects. Over the years, many of our students have been successful at the Primary School Leaving examinations, but this trend does not continue as students’ progress to NCSE and CXC. Many of our students do not get the kinds of support needed for them to be successful at school. There is a dire need for the school to play a more important role in the socialization of our students. To achieve this end certain support services should be put in place. These include increased and improved parental involvement and the intervention of special education teachers, social workers and a rigourous literacy and numeracy drive within a school environment that is supportive to their needs, fun, engaging and student centred.

Present Status

15 Classrooms   1 Beauty Culture Lab   1 Deans’ Room  
1 Math Lab   1 Reading Room   1 Physics Lab  
1 Chemistry Lab   1 Clothing and Textile Room   1 Physical Education room 
1 Agricultural Room   1 Food and Nutrition Room   1 Computer Lab  
1 Music Room   2 Staff Rooms   1 Guidance & Counselling Room  
1 Art Room   1 Multipurpose Hall   1 Cafeteria  
1 Safety Officer room   1 Library   1 AV room  
1 Social Worker room   1 ICT Classroom   1 Dance room  
1 Local School Board Room   1 Cricket Cage   1 Basketball court  
1 Netball court   Storage Space allocated for CVQ Steel Pan Manufacturing  

Urgent Needs

-Eating Area for our students

-Electrical upgrade of plant

-1 Prefab for the expansion of Dance space

-Covering of Basketball Court & Construction of a Pavilion with a Gym Room, Construction of a Two Story Building to accommodate Technology Education & Expansion of the CVQ Curriculum.

- Connecting bridge from school to the Morvant Recreation Ground

- Upgrade to the AV room